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How Digital Marketing Can Help You In Your Business Growth

How Digital Marketing Can Help You In Your Business Growth

How Digital Marketing Can Help You In Your Business Growth


Believe it or not, most of your customers use the internet to research products before they buy them, thus being online allows you to start attracting potential prospects long before they’re ready to buy from you.

The reality of any business today is that your current and future customers both use the internet; many times the sales process starts from the internet and ends at your store.

Online Marketing

Without the right online channels in place, you will lose potential sales.

If you run your offline store in Delhi, there’s almost zero probability that someone would come specifically to your store from Gujarat. Most of your buyers are the people in your area, so without online marketing, it is difficult to attract leads from other places.

Connect with potential customers on social media

Most of your potential customers are on social media, with over 3 billion social media users on the internet, this is a marketing channel you can’t afford to ignore. What’s interesting is that most of these users are on more than one social media channel, so whatever channel you decide to promote yourself on gives you access to thousands of potential customers all across the globe.

With your social media accounts, you can promote your business by:

  • Sending irresistible offers to potential customers.
  • Interacting with them about your new products.
  • Read customer complaints and accolades and reply to them.
  • Build an attractive presence for your business.

There are even more benefits of using social media for your store depending on how creative you are with the channels, However, this doesn’t mean that your store has to be active on all social media channels. You must choose only those sales channels which are appropriate for your product and your market segment, if you run ads on the wrong channels you will end up losing time, money and customers.

Generally, for stores that sell products, Facebook and Instagram are the 2 major platforms that help them showcase their products to a wide audience.

You can add other social media channels to your marketing depending on your research (like if your products appeal to a younger crowd then you may want to start using SnapChat). The key is to be active on social media channels where your potential customers hang out.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Utilizing local SEO is one of the most important digital marketing activities every SEO company suggests.  It reaps big rewards for your physical stores because most people do online research before buying the products they want.

Therefore, when you show up for these types of searches, there’s a higher chance of a conversion.

A research by Google states that 50% of Smartphone users perform local searches on their devices when they wish to buy a new phone out of that 50 %, 34% visited a physical store within a day.

Use targeted ads

Part of your digital marketing efforts should be to run online advertisements. With different targeting options on popular advertisement platforms you can start getting new customers right away.

One of the main targeting options for your offline store is its location; there are certain ways to target people who live close to your store if you create the right offers to attract them. The 2 most popular ads you can run today are:

Google Ads

Some targeting options you get on Google Ads are:

  • Demographics
  • Affinity
  • In-market
  • Custom intent
  • Similar audiences
  • Remarketing
  • Topics
  • Placement
  • Content keywords

Facebook Ads

  •         Facebook is by far the largest social media channel with the most users, so if you plan to market your store on social media, Facebook will likely be one of the channels you actively use.

Some targeting options you get with Facebook Ads include:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Connections
  • Life events
  • Retargeting
  • Site visitors
  • Contact lists
  • App users


Use email marketing to send the right messages

Through email marketing, you can send messages and offers that’ll help you convert cold and warm leads into buyers.

However, email marketing has changed greatly over the years, fortunately for the better because now you can personalize emails based on a subscriber’s interaction with your brand. Personalized email subject lines get 30% more clicks than other emails thus leading to higher conversions.

For instance, you can send messages about a product that’s similar to what a customer bought in the past and offers related to a subscriber’s interests. Another way to bring email subscribers to the store is to send them discount codes that they can use when they visit in person. The best time to send these sales letters is holidays because researchers have proved that during holiday’s people are bound to open emails that they generally don’t open in normal days.

Online Marketing is the future; if you are doing this for your business then you are in deep trouble. It is a new age revolutionary solution to sell your product and make your business successful.








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