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How to Create a Real Estate Facebook Ads Strategy: A Case Study 2019

How to Create a Real Estate Facebook Ads Strategy

How to Create a Real Estate Facebook Ads Strategy: A Case Study 2019

Real Estate Facebook Ads Strategy, Let’s have a Look

3 Ways in which to Form Your Facebook Ads Strategy for Real Estate Business

Persons are on Facebook to speak with friends and relatives, to look at friend’s footage, to fulfill previous friends and then on. You can’t instantly begin commerce your services or product to users United Nations agency don’t grasp you. they have to comprehend what you’re, what you’ll provide them, why they need you, and why they have to buy from you instead of your opponents.

You have to earn their trust.

To start the trust method, I usually make a Facebook Advertisements technique for my clients based upon 3 various steps :

Brand Awareness



Now, implementations of this will leads to real estate ads strategy a success.

Brand Awareness Campaigns


In the first step, whole Awareness, our aim is to render persons move with the brand/product/service. If they perceive the corporate, they perceive United Nations agency the firm is, what they ought to purchase from them, what its specifications are, and also the blessings of paying for his or her AN item or service.

The terribly initial campaign is pointed on increasing the page to spice up the number of relevant followers. By “targeted”, I mean folks that are actually excited regarding paying for relevant services or merchandise.

I usually apply an advert or product image for this kind of promotion with duplicate that displays the values and also the company aspects of the whole or the Business. those that notice the ad would like additionally vulnerable to contemplate “Wow, why haven’t I revealed regarding this whole before ?”

In the 2d step, Engagement, my target is to line up a reference to the followers of the page. the target is to gather likes, comments, shares, and probable queries regarding the way to purchase the item or the service.

In AN engagement campaign, I usually apply a video that instantly focuses on the benefits, the advantages and/or the first advantages of a product or a service.

Below is AN example of an Indian Real estate :

Let’s see the performances of this campaign:


Timing: Campaign was live from Feb-6 th to March twentieth.


Goal: a minimum of 2000 individuals to succeed in, and quite fifty engagement keys (likes, comments, shares).

Results: 11104 individuals reached, thirty-six likes and twenty-two shares + direct messages to understand a way to obtain the house.

Campaigns for Conversions


The third step, Conversion, is targeted on providing the things to those that totally perceive this item as a result of they’re a friend of the page or have traveled to the $64000 Estate website repeatedly before deciding to shop for ( re targeting).

With this sort of campaign, I apply the carousel to show further things at a look or a changed image with items I’ve got to supply.

Facebook Ads are extraordinarily sturdy for selling that promotes a singular supply or reduction ( in my experience, the discount should be good; as an example, fiftieth ) or zero price cargo.

Get Free Consultation Now To Know How To Grow Your Real Estate Business Using Facebook Ads

I used Re – targeting:


Users who checked the website during the past two months.

Users who do purchase on the website within the last two months.

Users who placed in cart items within the last two months.

Mail leads of people of the past 90 days.


I also aimed my visitors for interests ( I chose hair brand names and beauty interests).

Location: India.

Age: 24-55 ages, only females.

  1. Mediums: I select simply Facebook feeds, Instagram feed and Audience Coverage.
  1. Duplicate: This was very little, plain and it highlighted keywords like “Black Friday”

The sale volume is easily expressed: 50 %.

Additionally, the title focuses on the percentage of the discount.

The copy was brief, and it was simple to check out: target only on the discount — no longer details.

In this instance, the duplicate was pretty small; in other scenarios, you can apply a longer copy.

Research Tip

It is best to use the Subject Study tool from SEMrush to discover tips for keywords your visitors use; it is extremely important to use the similar language that your buyers do in your marketing — including on Facebook.

With information from the Subject Research tool, you will have an idea of which copy/keywords to apply for your advertisement. You will find your innovative motivation will offering the data your target audience is looking for.

6. Picture:


I applied a collage of true items ( not a picture you will find on an inventory picture website), and the customer interest is dragged to the center by a large circle that displays the big discount.

7. Call-to-Action: I put to use “Shop Now”.

You need to pick a call-to-action based on what you ask your customer to do. Get directly to the aim.


I described those 3 actions method for Black Friday marketing, but you could take it throughout the year. If you choose to advertise your company on Facebook, you need to promote it not just during powerful promotion period but additionally throughout several months of the year.

In this case, I suggest you focus on a technique that could provide you, truly interested buyers. I have previously declared that you need to obtain people to believe before trying to offer them your products or services, so I recommend that you produce certain advertisements throughout the year with various targets :


  1. Start From a Like campaign to get followers excited about your brand ( Facebook Viewers Insights can help you a lot); you need to include true specific followers to your page. This type of campaign must operate virtually 15 days per 30 days. I get observed in my knowledge that even 5€ per day is excellent.
  1. Promote Videos throughout the year, specifically simply before you launch your merchandise or services sale. Your goal here is to urge engagements on videos, particularly people that invite a lot of info concerning your whole and what you are doing or sell. If you don’t have any, consider making them. Videos are effective and very participating. A tip for you: once making your campaign’s audience, sort your whole name’s competitors within the “Detailed targeting” section. as an example, if I’m promoting a digital selling event, I will sort “Social Media Week” and different similar events:


So you can show your ad to people who are interested in your competitor’s activities.

  1. When you have engineered your trusty audience, it’s the correct moment to sell your merchandise or service. bear in mind that you simply can’t sell to “cold audience” on Facebook: if folks don’t apprehend you, they won’t get something from you. So, specializing in re targeting.


Show your ad to “hot audience”, meaning Associate in Nursing audience that’s inclined to shop for from you. folks who:

Already visited your web site throughout the last ninety days.

Already visited your purchase page throughout the last thirty days.

Watched your videos at nearly fiftieth.

Already purchased from you (or further to cart) throughout the last ninety days.

Retargeting on Facebook is admittedly powerful for sales.


3 Issues That Can Negatively Affect Your Facebook Campaigns


In my expertise as a Facebook Ads manager for purchasers, I’ve got committed 3 errors that I’m visiting share with you in order that you’ll be able to avoid them.

1. Creating Ads Quickly


For many reasons (clients pressure, enthusiasm, too several current projects) you’ll assume you’ll produce a campaign in exactly one hour.



It takes lots of your time, generally whether or not eight or ten hours to make one campaign. The risks you would like to avoid are choosing the incorrect audience and build boring advertising.

Take your time when:

Analyzing information from Facebook Audience Insights.

Analyzing the language of your audience; however do your target speak on forums, blogs, and social networks?

Creating engaging pictures or videos.

Writing persuasive copy.

2. Running the Same Campaign For a Long Time (i.e., 1 month).


Wrong. it’s higher to concentrate all of your budgets in a very short amount campaign instead of ripping your budget into many days.

For example, if you’ve got to market a product, tell folks your promotion can expire in three days, therefore your campaign is going to be online for some days. it’s higher to pay two hundred euros in three days than twenty0 euros in 20 days.


3. Making Ads Complex


Wrong. Make your ad easy:

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to understand

You have some seconds to grab your customer’s attention on Facebook, thus avoid sophisticated copywriting, sophisticated discounts or strange pictures.

Simplicity is the best choice:


Get straight to the purpose in a very few short sentences.

Show your product or a picture that visually justify the advantages of what you’re attempting to sell.

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